BSc or HBSc Geoarchaeology

The Departments of Anthropology, Geography, and Geology collaborate in offering an undergraduate BSc or HBSc degree in Geoarchaeology, one of very few such undergraduate programs offered in North America. This program represents the application of geographical and geological concepts as well as methods that aid in the interpretation of the archaeological record of ancient human societies. It involves interdisciplinary studies in areas such as archaeological site formation, paleogeography, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, chronometric dating, as well as physical and natural science applications to archaeological materials. 

For information on the programs, course descriptions, program committee (Professors), admission requirements and academic regulations, visit the Geoarchaeology Section of the Academic Units Section in the LU Course Calendar. For further information, contact the Program Co-ordinator, Dr. Matthew Boyd. Please consult the course calendar to see the yearly course requirements.